Monday, March 1, 2021

Day 59: On My Way Home


My mom gave me "After The Gold Rush" as a Christmas gift when I was 20 and my family came to visit me in Bad Godesberg. She told me how in college she used to sneak down to the lobby of her dorm at night and play the title track on the piano. I've listened to Neil quite a bit ever since, and even worn the grooves out on a few tracks, like "Cripple Creek Fairy," which for some reason I played twice in a row last week on the way to the glass recycling station. And more than once this month I've found myself singing "Bad Fog of Loneliness." But this Massey Hall performance of "On Our Way Home" is the perfect mix of classic and slightly less familiar. A year into the pandemic, this song about missing friends rings especially bittersweet and true.


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