Monday, April 26, 2021

April 2021 / Dear friends,

Who knew posting a Joy Division song would bring a month-long curse and quiet frost over this blogscape. That and mobile versions of this site have been all kaputt-isch. I'm too old to be fresh and too young to overly reminisce. In truth of course there have been all kinds of tunes carried in car trips and Saturday late morning living room jams while I clean up my own spilled coffee and fail to rearrange bookshelves. But none of it matters because the sun is shining through the windows, which are open, and there aren't any bugs yet. Tracks to be posted on the spotify playlist, and maybe scribbled about here, but no longer by date, and not on shitty unsupported Google platforms. Let's hang out this summer. Looking forward to hearing what you have been enjoying as well.

Day 82: It’s Too Late

I first heard this on The Meters “Jam” and was captivated by the opening riff but never had the album and spent the next twenty years trying...