Sunday, February 7, 2021

Day 37: Song To Pass The Time

I saw Bright Eyes open for J. Mascis and The Fog in March 2001. None of us had heard of this 21-year-old kid from Omaha before and his emotional ferocity on songs like "A Perfect Sonnet" was breathtaking, even if the whole spectacle made my friends and I a bit uncomfortable. The next week I downloaded what I could find of his on Napster, and the gentle, shambolic  "A Song To Pass The Time" became a favorite. For some reason I never listened to any of his music that came out after that. By that point Bright Eyes was what your little sister listened to, what people who got married right after college played at their weddings. But I still like how low-fi and honest these early songs sound. Why do we cling to an artist's early recordings even when they've gone on to do objectively much better work? I don't know, but when it comes to rambling journal entries in song form, Bright Eyes didn't get any better than this.

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