Friday, January 29, 2021

Day 29: Secret Xtians

This song makes me think of "hipster Christians," the kindly, serious, often bearded/tattooed folks who love indie music and really good coffee. But I'm not sure how different I am. I grew up in the church, as did many close friends, none of whom seem to be practicing Christians now. But it still gives us a shared language of weird conversations with parents or grandparents about sin, death, or eternity—getting dragged to church on Sundays and spacing out for significant chunks of our childhoods. Ruban, the known quantity behind Unknown Mortal Orchestra, seems to have more amusement than hostility here. Separate fun fact: the woman on the cover used to be my neighbor at a loft apartment in Lawrence, Kansas. She and her beautiful, bearded boyfriend always smiled at me but at night I could hear them tearfully fighting. She sold flowers at a sidewalk booth on the corner, and the mist of the plants being watered made her look extra mysterious. I don't know if she's a secret Xtian or not, but she certainly had her secrets.

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