Monday, January 25, 2021

Day 25: Melted Rope

"Melted Rope" is a 4-minute mind-melter that feels twice that long thanks to a spiraling guitar riff that shatters all sense of time and space and carries the listener away like the floating feather referenced in the opening lyric. I saw Wand open for Stereolab in Seattle in November 2019, just a couple months before live music shut down indefinitely. I was in the second row and loved every moment of it, and by the time Stereolab was a few songs in I decided to go eat sushi instead. No disrespect to Stereolab, but after Wand's set my heart just wasn't in it. Thanks to my good pal Douglas Huppe for turning me on to this group and giving me a copy of this record, a go-to platter for whenever I have an afternoon at home alone and need to turn the stereo so loud the furniture shakes.

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