Friday, January 22, 2021

Day 21: Jayou (remix)

After the music and events at the party described in the previous post (Day 20: I've Got The Blues), my mood improved dramatically. Sometime after midnight, Mike McGee put on "Jayou" by Jurassic 5 and decided to breakdance, which resulted in the destruction of the living room table. Twenty years later, Mike owns buildings and properties all over Kansas City, but at the time his prospects as a successful businessman seemed unlikely and remote. The song itself—which I had misremembered as being titled "Flute Loop"—still sounds pretty fresh. I especially like this remix in which Tuna Fish's incredible flow has a bit more sonic space to "conjugate verbs and constipate nerds." And of course there's the dynamic flute sample that has led to the accidental destruction of so much cheap furniture across the rented living rooms of the American Midwest.

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