Monday, January 18, 2021

Day 17: Time Moves Slow

This collaboration between Samuel T. Herring and BADBADNOTGOOD effectively answers the question of "what would the Future Islands singer sound like if he was back up by a jazz band?" Not a traditional jazz band but more of a modern, progressive, hip-hop influenced blend of styles including but not limited to jazz. But questions of genre are pushed aside by the urgency of the vocals, and of the song itself. The rolling drumbeat, transitory guitar chords, and swirling organ creating a mood of lost love, underscoring lines like "running away was easy, it's the leaving that's hard." Whether it's the fever dream of doomed romance or simply wishing the months would pass more quickly, this song is the perfect soundtrack to sitting by the window, waiting for inauguration day, waiting for the clock to run out on the pandemic, waiting for our damaged hearts and brains to one day finally heal.

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