Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Day 13: Gospel For A New Century

I don't make ranked lists of songs, but for me the most anthemic track of 2020 was easily Yves Tumor's "Gospel For A New Century." I would put this song on the car stereo when I drove into work the first weeks of lockdown, steering into an empty but brightly lit downtown, borderline manic at being out of the house but also deathly terrified of germs. I was going in to the office to pull archives from the basement. It was dark and no one else was in the building except for periodic security checks. I listened to a few spiritual podcasts on my headphones and various audio links people sent. But when I got back up to my desk on the third floor above the streetcar stop, I'd turn the computer speakers facing out and blast this song. "I think I can solve it," Yves sings, with conviction, and riding those heroic stop-start blasts of brass, you believe you can, too.

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