Sunday, January 10, 2021

Day 10: The Conservation of Energy

This is the perfect song to close out the night, a wistful, groovy, melodic slice of pop electronica. I first heard it in a rental car drive through the blue mists of the Canadian Rockies, me at the wheel and my brother manning the bluetooth. The mountains up there are like jagged teeth on either side of the highway, measured in meters rather than feet, much more tightly stacked together than the distant, sweeping vistas of front range Colorado. Since then this song has popped up on so many playlists, custom-designed for those of us who light a candle for Trish Keenan every year and have listened to "Dots and Loops" over one hundred times. But this song is also very much its own thing, a French soundtrack lullaby for when it's too late for words and better just to listen.

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